Monthly Update - Fall 2016

Last Production Update: That's a Wrap!

We are officially closing the chapter on the production phase of Stronger and moving into post-production. What all is involved in this next phase of film-making? Our team will be diligently working on:

- editing and refining the scenes into a feature length film (including audio, special effects, color correction, and more)

- adding music into the mix with the help of a composer and other music artists

- working with distributors and investors in order to bring Stronger to the big screen and into your hands

- continued involvement with our ministry partners to support their outpouring into trauma survivors lives'

- striving for new ways to connect a community of ministries and those with PTSD through the Stronger Alliance (

Behind the Scenes: A Final Look

End of Year Giving:

We are accepting tax-deductible donations through the end of the year and into 2017. Donations can be submitted here:

Stronger is not just a movie. It's a movie with a heart behind it and a mission going forward. If you feel so led, we would be thrilled to have your support in this next phase of bringing Stronger and its' message of hope to life.

In Case You Missed It:

Check out our own Ulises Larramendi and Angela Sweet doing push-ups to raise awareness for PTSD!