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Millions of our US military veterans, police officers, firefighters, and everyday citizens struggle with PTSD. Many feel isolated and don't know where to turn for help. The following explains the purpose behind the film STRONGER. Reflective Media Productions has come together with The Mighty Oaks Foundation and many others to produce a movie titled STRONGER. Our goal is to raise awareness of PTSD and to show the hope found only in Jesus.

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What people are saying

"...We Are Stronger carry’s a very important message to our community, not only to veterans, but to any first responder who must witness traumatic events up close and personal, and also to survivors of traumatic events....We recommend We Are Stronger to anyone who is healing, helping a loved one to heal and to those who want to help and understand a better path to healing." Read More

Dave and Sandra Woodruff,
Bedias Christian Film Festival

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