Robin Murray

Writer and Director

Robin is a teacher and writer from The Woodlands, Texas. 

She and her husband, Kirk, have three grown kids— Ben, Austin, and Megan. She taught history at the secondary and college levels for seven years, homeschooled her children for twelve years, and now writes for Reflective Life Ministries. 

Her love for “telling the good stories” through scripts began with writing skits and plays for children’s productions, for Faith Bible Church and for Reflective Life Ministries.  Skits turned into film scripts as RLM produced Behind the Veil, a film companion to Carla McDougal’s Bible Study, Reflecting Him.  Robin was the scriptwriter as the RLM production team collaborated again on the film, First Love, which was released in 2013.  Stronger is her third film script. 

Regarding the impact this project has had on her life, Robin says, “As I have researched and learned about trauma recovery and PTSD over the last several months, I have been personally challenged and stretched. God has brought people and their true life stories into this project, and I feel both privileged and humbled as I weave them together into this script. Thank you all for your continued prayers for this project.”