We've come a long way from our early productions and

with your prayers and support we hope to go even further!

First Love

Released 2013

First Love, produced by Reflective Life Ministries, is a modern day story based on the life of Peter. Joe is a natural leader who is impulsive and passionate, but he needs a heart transformation in order to follow a higher calling. As he struggles to decide between ambition and humility, his marriage to Catherine and his career hang in the balance.

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Released 2010

Beloved friend. Wise mentor. Faithful encourager. Mr. James lived much of his life as an “unveiled face” reflecting God’s glory. Even after his death, his legacy of faith, purpose, and love lives on. In Behind the Veil, we see God working in the lives of Mr. James’ family and friends as they restore old relationships and build new ones.

Behind the Veil was originally created in ten episodes to accompany Carla McDougal’s Reflecting Him Bible study. The episodes fit together to tell the story of how lives change when God’s truths are revealed, and we offer it here as a full length film.

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