You may be asking yourself, “So how can I help bring the movie to my community? Where do I begin?” Below are some ways to be part of the WE ARE STRONGER Boots on the Ground Team…

Strategies for planning a we are stronger showing

Step 1 - Select a venue


Secure a theater for a screening of the movie. If possible, request that a theater run the movie for a week. Our RMP team can help with this process. If Reflective Media Productions’ works directly with the theater and they run the movie for a week or more the fee is waved. All the funds raised are through ticket sales directly between the theater and RMP. At this particular time, independent theaters fit best for our movie.


Secure a church, event location, or rent a theater for a one-night screening. Possibly organize a WE ARE STRONGER Red Carpet, Pre-Party, or After Party Event to meet some of the cast and crew from the movie. This allows the audience to connect with the actors, actresses, producers, and directors of WE ARE STRONGER. Also, the team can help pray, encourage, and understand the Stronger Alliance organizations and resources available.  

Step 2 - Be the Boots on the Ground

Build a “Boots on the Ground Team” to help create a grassroots movement for bringing the movie to your city.

Connect with area churches and ministries to build a network of support for the movie, especially those churches, organizations, and ministries who have a heart for trauma recovery. Help them realize how WE ARE STRONGER is a way to reaching out to the community and helping them understand the hope and healing Jesus provides.

Step 3 - Offer a pre-screening event for local leaders

Offer a WE ARE STRONGER Pre-Screening for pastors, ministry leaders, and team leaders. Discuss the action plan for helping reach out to the community.

We highly recommend connecting with our Stronger Alliance partners and having an After Care option available for people to connect with after the movie.

We suggest having the We Are Stronger - Going Deeper booklets available for either give-a-ways or to sell. This booklet is receiving rave reviews.

After the screening, collect names (signup sheet) for those interested in attending a We Are Stronger – Going Deeper Small Group organized by area churches, ministries, and organizations. This small group meets for 4 or 5 weeks unpacking the movie, understanding how trauma affects individuals, and grasping biblical perspective. These small groups help those who are personally affect by trauma or for those who want to understand how to help others. A Leader’s Guide will soon be available to download free through and

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our RMP representatives or contact me directly. We continue praying for the Lord open doors where He desires for WE ARE STRONGER to be shown. Thank you for praying about helping to bring the movie to your area. We look forward to hearing from you.

Together… We Are STRONGER