What people are saying about We Are Stronger

"We had the opportunity to watch this production and wonderful story come to life over the last two years and were privileged to help in a small way to bring the story to the theatre screen. Sandra and I are both veterans, serving in the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s, although we did not serve in combat zones, we served alongside many who did. We Are Stronger carry’s a very important message to our community, not only to veterans, but to any first responder who must witness traumatic events up close and personal, and also to survivors of traumatic events, both through family strife and the large and small forces we witness throughout our lives and for those we love and care for. We recommend We Are Stronger to anyone who is healing, helping a loved one to heal and to those who want to help and understand a better path to healing."

- Dave and Sandra Woodruff,
Bedias Christian Film Festival


"It's wonderful genuine and exactly real life ! Every Actor did a wonderful job! It's an answer to prayer for so many. I'm praying hard for it to be seen all over the country! May God move!!"

- Rose

Huntsville Premiere Review

"This movie is LOOOONG OVERDUE!! I absolutely cannot wait to see it!!! I have lived in this darkness, as a Marine Corps Veteran and current Texas Police Officer.  People need to take a glimpse into this reality that affects SO MANY who have sacrificed SO MUCH. Watching the trailer brought out such strong emotions in me...I KNOW this movie will CHANGE LIVES! "

- Ann