I Will Intervene - Armed Forces Mission


"I received a call from a lady who had gotten my name in a Bible study. She heard about a boy who was skipping school. He'd been cutting (not as typical of males) and was being bullied. She did not know his name, but reached out to me because she heard that he was also suicidal. I called the county resource officer (Sheriff's Deputy) at the school where she said the boy attended hoping the R.O. could cross reference absentees. The R.O. called me back to tell me they had located the boy; he was suicidal and the parents are now working with school counselors to get him the help he needs. Now here is the incredible part of the story. The first lady called me back to say she had made a mistake. She had given me the wrong school. The boy the Resource Officer found was a different boy. Talk about a Divine Error. (a Romans 8:28 moment) Here's the facts: 1 out of 7 teens have thought of suicide and 1 in 12 have actually attempted suicide. Few wonder why I am always harping on the importance of getting the training that saves lives. I ask people all the time, "Do you know the risk and signs to look for? Would you know what to do if you did?" If the answer is No. We encourage folks to take the I Will Intervene Challenge or help organize a Challenge in their community. Hopefully, one day we will get to Texas and get the Challenge going there!"

- Ken Koon of Armed Forces Mission